Surgery finally scheduled!

Dear all,

The last few months have been very difficult times for everyone. The pandemic has been a very big shock. We were especially affected because we couldn’t do anything for Biel’s hips. But, a few hours ago, we have been confirmed from Germany that Biel can be operated on August 14.

Dr. Bernius from Germany was our last choice. He is not a doctor directly trained by the creator of the technique, Dr. Nuzzo from US. But Dr. Nuzzo has communicated to us on several occasions that he fully trusts him, that he is performing a small variation of the technique and that we cannot dismiss him as an option for Biel given the whole global situation with Covid19.

So we begin our journey next week. We will travel with our van and cross some borders that, up to date, the respective embassies confirm there are no mobility restrictions.

After the lockdown, we have advanced as much as possible editing Verkami’s rewards. But now August comes and, for example, the photo printing will not work until September. We are sorry that all this has been so delayed, but we hope you will receive it as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping us make this new Biel´s adventure come true.

Big hug!


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