A successful operation!

Pretty people! 

On August 4, we left on our way to Germany to operate Biel. We had no problem crossing the borders and on the 8th we were already in Munich. We settled in a campsite 10 minutes from the Schön Klinik München hospital and rested as much as we could. We knew that charging energy was essential to cope with the cocktail of emotions that was coming. A few hours before entering, Biel and I, Judith, tested negative for covid-19 and there was no going back. Come on! 

I remind you that the intervention consisted of two procedures: one muscular, which had to allow Biel’s muscles to be less rigid. And another in the bone that would make Biel’s body form bone where it was missing in the cavity that collects the heads of the femur. Well, the intervention was better than expected. Because once the muscular tension of the legs was released, the heads of the femur returned to fit inside this cavity, the acetabulum. Although we know that the acetabulum is not fully formed, the doctor informed us that until the age of 6-7 the bone can develop and wanted to give this margin to Biel. If it doesn’t evolve well enough, they would operate it in 2-3 years. 

We begin a new intensive rehabilitation stage that is crucial for Biel to learn to move with this new muscle tone. Physiotherapists at the hospital made a report specifying what would be important to do. Leaving the hospital we began to perform the gentle mobilizations that they taught us and to put him on his feet several times a day. Now, at home, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation plan begins: 3 hours per week of Bobath Physiotherapy, 2 hours in the pool, daily myofascial manual therapy, Jeremy Krauss Approach, 1 hour of hippotherapy … The variety of therapies is very important for  the nervous system so that it receives different stimuli. Since we are babies, we do not stop receiving stimuli and we move in many different ways until learning occurs naturally. Babies born with a severe brain injury have an abrupt decrease in movement and therefore in receiving stimuli. They are children who, since they leave the hospital, do not stop doing therapy to be as autonomous as possible. They are the most powerful symbol of resilience that exists in this world.


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Thank you very much for so much! A hug. 

Jorge Biel Judith

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