Biel Chang, the boy with Cerebral Palsy who sings to raise funds for his surgery.

This 4 year old kid received the prognostic of a high risk of hips luxation and needs a very expensive surgery.

His parents, Jorge Chang and Judith Puigdomènech, will launch a crowdfunding campaign in Verkami on the 1st February in order to finance the procedures.

Biel is the singer in the main song of «We are Biel» album, one of the gifts that the family will give to those who collaborate as patrons.

21 January 2020.-Biel Chang was born 4 years ago, through an emergency C-section and suffering asphyxiation during childbirth. A week later, he was diagnosed with Severe Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). His parents were informed that his son suffered severe, extensive and irreparable brain damage, with serious consequences for his future life. In addition, according to doctors, it was possible that Biel survived only 6 months.

Faced with this frightening prognosis, his parents decided to stop treating complications and let him leave to avoid his suffering. But Biel decided to stay in this world and, since then, he and his family struggle every day to improve his quality of life. Biel already knows how to swim and even sing; so he has been conquering challenges that at first seemed impossible.

Following the news that Biel’s hips are at high risk of luxation, his parents, Jorge Chang and Judith Puigdomènech, began to do some research about the possibilities to avoid it. «This summer, Biel was learning to stand up when the bad news about his hips came to us,» explains Puigdomènech». In Spain, the intervention options did not convince us, because it represented a remarkable loss of functionality and we thought that Biel is too small yet to cut his wings. We want to leave the door open for him learning to walk someday», she adds.

After an intensive research, this family found a preventive surgery, which would be the solution for avoiding Biel’s hips to dislocate. The operation takes place in few hospitals around the world (USA, Germany and Greece) and its cost is not available to everyone. «The price is very high and we need help», explains Puigdomènech.

That’s why Biel’s parents will launch a fundraising campaign on January 31, with the crowdfunding company VERKAMI. With this campaign and under the slogans «We are Biel» and «We are the love and compassion that the world dreams of», they hope to collect the needed money to operate their child as soon as possible.

They have also thought of different ways of thanking the collaborators, from appearing as patrons on Biel’s website, to receiving a lithography inspired by Biel’s logo or the musical CD «We are Biel». «Those who´d buy this music album will be able to hear Biel singing the main theme song: «We are Biel», concludes Puigdomènech.

If the funds needed for the surgery are exceeded, Chang and Puigdomènech would like to start a social project to help other families. Both have a lot of ideas in their heads that would like to make a reality.

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