Biel receives nearly daily therapy in order to be as much autonomous as possible. The benefits of this album will contribute to afford his rehabilitation high expenses. 

Thank you very much for your support!

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First album inspired on Biel, «We are Biel», in which the main theme gives song to his voice, despite he is not able to talk.

Biel suffered an asphyxia during his birth. Against all medical prognosis he survived and here it is, enjoying life. That accident changed the course of our lives. Everything we have experienced to this day has led us to a deep learning.

Biel is a happy child, very curious and eager to learn and feel autonomous. It faces every day great motor and visual difficulties.

Often, the most beautiful things we experience in life are born on difficult moments or circumstances that you, initially,  think you won’t be able to overcome. Suddenly the darkness turns into light, you feel that you are not alone and you are surrounded by an outburst of immense love.

That’s how this record was born. The need for urgent intervention on Biel’s hips to prevent its dislocation. From a complicated moment the love and compassion flourished transforming everything into this wonderful project «We are Biel» that led us to be continuously surrounded by beautiful people, full of solidarity, empathy and affection.

Original idea and coordination: Carles Portella

Production: RANroger

Sound and mastering technician: Jordi Rissech

Registered, mixed and mastered in November and December 2019 at YAYAYA.

Edited by EMS (Europe Multimedia Service)