«WE ARE BIEL»_28Sep2020

Thanks to the collaboration of you all Biel was able to be operated on August 14 in Germany and the surgery was a success. We were also able to make the recording of his first solidarity album «We are Biel» a reality. The album will be launched on September 28th coinciding with his anniversary: the champion will be 5! We are preparing some actions for Sunday 27 and we wanted to ask, if you’re excited,  your collaboration with a couple of videos: one congratulating him on his birthday and another singing the chorus of the main theme song of the album «We are Biel» or dancing. It’s going to be really nice to make a reminder video of this moment, isn’t it? The video will be posted on Biel’s social media starting Sunday.

If you’re encouraged to participate, send the videos recorded in VERTICAL to WhatsApp +34609346552 Thursday the latest. Thank you!

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